Discovering He’s Alive Documentary

Through the process of producing the play in host communities, four areas of ministry have emerged.
Inreach Ministry: During rehearsals the local body grows in their relationship with Christ and one another as they work together to share the message of the cross and the empty tomb.
Outreach Ministry: Performances of the living gospel leave a lasting impact. Audiences are always invited to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people respond during the production but this ministry doesn’t stop there.
Transferable Ministry: This goal is attained when the vision for the passion play ministry is transferred from existing host communities to new locations.
Strategic Alliances: Passion Play Ministries Cape develops partnerships with individuals, foundations, corporations and ministries to more effectively pursue the Great Commission. Partnering multiplies our efforts and makes the best use of our combined resources.

This documentary entails a glimpse into the building, setup and performance of the He’s Alive theater performance.