connecting people in need with people who care

Cape Town Cares is an online platform to expose issues in our communities and feature the organisations that challenge such issues.

The ultimate goal is to create presenter based broadcast series, featuring various NGO/NPO groups near Cape Town. A 20-minute episode may contain multiple NGO, related or sponsored inserts.


Connecting people in need with people who care


Create quality media based content that cast a light on issues in our community and the people who care


This is from our hearts. Quality content takes time, gear, crew, etc. If this project resonates with your heart or is inline with your corporate social responsibility vision, please consider contributing financially to our production cost.

From a NGO/NPO point of view, we don’t ask any payment for the production nor the final insert they will receive. We won’t however say no to donations as every little bit helps.

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Videos of some our community service projects

Cape Town Cares is a Firstlight Studio (Pty) Ltd community project to help create awareness for our community