Cape Town Cares aims to cast light on issues within our community and the people who care enough to do something about it, by showcasing quality media-based content.

The vision of Cape Town Cares is to connect people in need with organisations that can help them. It is our mission to create quality, media-based content that communicates clearly and effectively. The media content will be showcased on various social media platforms. Featured organisations or groups are also free to use and share the media content where applicable, to further their collective vision and mission.

Together with local organisations and groups (ex: NGO/NPO), the media content will have a greater focus on issues, stories, and outcomes rather than a simple ‘business’ listing.

Vision: People in need connected with people who care.
Mission: Create quality media based content that cast a light on issues in our community and the people who care.
Slogan: Connecting people in need with people who care.

Disclaimer: This collaboration doesn’t give the organisation access to unlimited video production, we will work with organisations to create a series of topics and produce the videos accordingly with what we have available.